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I had completed my training in Elastic Engineer 1 and 2. Currently I am preparing for my Elastic certification. I had watched the elastic webinar in elastic.co. When I try to search for the tasks or sample use cases for the certification on the internet I am not finding any. Can anyone refer me some links where I can practice the tasks which are likely to cover the models for the elastic certification.


Hey likhith,

We currently don't have a practice exam. If you attended engineer 1 and 2 the best practice will be to do the labs again. You can download the zip file that was use during the training if you connect on training.elastic.co (you still have access to the zip file 90 days after taking the training)


Melvyn Peignon

Adding to Melvyn's response, I would encourage you to do the labs without using any reference other than the official documentation itself. Be aware that the certification exam will be in 7.2 starting on August 6th.

Hi Melvyn, Pablo

Thanks a lot for your replies.

Actually I took my Elastic training on 6.X version. So the labs and PDF's which I have come under 6.x version. Will the content of the files and lab change ?
If yes, Is there any chance that I can get the updated one ?

Thanks and Regards,

The material is live for 60 days after you took the training. Meaning if the content is updated then you will be able to get a more recent version of the training/labs if you download it again. After 90 days, you will not have access to the content anymore.

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