Elastic Cloud don't see events from NXLog


I'm trying to configure nxlog with Elastic cloud instance but Elastic don't see events.
Can you please help how I can read events on Elastic cloud?


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Are you sure nxlog is configured correctly? We aren't experts on that here, so you may need to ask those developers.

Hi @vasjab welcome to the community.

In order for us to help you you're going to need to provide your configurations otherwise we just be guessing.

How are you collecting these logs with logstash or filebeat?

Please provide details and perhaps we can help.

Hi, Mark.
I think that nxlog configured correctly, for this case used config from documentation:

define ES_URL      https://<your_elasticsearch_endpoint>
define API_KEY     <your_api_key>

<Output elasticsearch>
    Module         om_elasticsearch
    URL            %ES_URL%/_bulk
    AddHeader      Authorization: ApiKey %API_KEY%
    HTTPSCAFile    /path/to/elastic-cloud-ca.pem

Hi Stephen. I've added configuration below.

LogFile c:\Program Files\nxlog\data\nxlog.log
LogLevel INFO

<Extension _json>
    Module xm_json
    DateFormat    YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.sUTC
    UnFlatten TRUE

<Input in1>
	Module im_testgen
	MaxCount 1000

<Output o1>
    Module om_elasticsearch
    URL            https://<your_elasticsearch_endpoint>/_bulk
    AddHeader      Authorization: ApiKey <your_api_key>
   HTTPSCAFile 'c:/cert/elastic-cert.pem'

<Output o2>
    Module om_file
    File 'C:/www/nxlog_output.txt'
    OutputType  LineBased

<Route r1>
	Path in1 => o1, o2

For this case I'm used oficial documentation.

I've sent tests events, but also not works with im_msvistalog. Output nxlog received data but Elastic don't see nothing.


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