Elastic Cloud Ingest from offline Units


What is the best way to get logs and metrics (via file- and metricbeat) into an elasticsearch in the elastic cloud, when the Nodes aren't allowed to talk to the internet.

It's possible to set up some sort of aggregator node on the network edge. My first thought was to use logstash, but I have had many problems with it, especially when it comes to ILM and encryption. So I don't want to lose the convenience of direct beats to elasticsearch services like ILM and so.

Is there some sort of Cloud-Gateway? or can I add a local ingest Node to a cloud deployment?


Can I simply configure my setup this way https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/cloud/current/ec-cloud-id.html ? But the beats won't get internet connection.

Can someone explain me what happens when i simply configure it like the above link? Will the ES-Cloud configure the logstash and beats in-/outputs in a secure manner?


You need something on an edge node, probably Logstash that can connect to your cluster.

Only logstash is sufficient, am I able to manage the beats via logstash then?


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