Elastic Cloud + Kibana Evaluation

Hi, We are evaluating Elastic Cloud mainly for the use of Kibana.

After doing some tests, I have some questions I need to answer prior to decide to use Elastic Cloud.

  1. When a chart is embeded into a html file, in this case our application, can we remove the loading/kibana logo from it?
  2. In the same Scenario when I embed the chart, as Shield is enabled, it asks for user/pass, is there some kind of token, sso or any other mechanism to authenticate in a seamless way so the user doesn't get asked for this data?
  3. We try to embed this charts into a page that already have a date period picker, is there a way to pass the start/end dates to the chart?
  4. In ES, Is there a specific format for the date field to be used in Kibana?

Sorry if there is already documentation on this, but if it is, I couldn't find it, and thank you for helping me to evaluate ES.

Hi @gbn,

I moved the questions to Kibana category as we in the cloud team are not experts in that matter. Hope you'll get some good help here.

I can some limitations of the kibana at elastic cloud - namely there are no custom plugins and we do not support custom kibana.yml options yet.


Thank you Igor, do you know about the 4th question?
Can you point to anything explaining ES Date fields?

I think this is just the regular Elasticsearch date format, please see this for more details format | Elasticsearch Guide [7.15] | Elastic