Elastic Cloud trial - keep getting failed to fetch error

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I can't find an Elastic Cloud category so I've put it in the Elastic Cloud Enterprise category.

I just setup an Elastic Cloud trial. I used filebeats to import some Jenkins logs but when I went to Discover in the Elastic Cloud portal I get a "failed to fetch" error. As I'm new to Elastic and might be doing something wrong I thought I would start again with something easier. I deleted the Jenkins data and instead used metricbeat to get some windows perfmon metrics. I'm getting the same "failed to fetch" error.

Surely this should just work. Anyone have any ideas?

(Alex Piggott) #2

The "Discover" tab is in the Kibana UI that you launched from the Elastic Cloud portal, I think.

I'm going to move this to the Kibana section initially ... if you get some advice there that it is actually related to running Kibana-on-Cloud, then we can provide some support via https://cloud.elastic.co/help


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