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Hi group,

I have the follow cenario: 1 node master, 2 data nodes and 1 client node (kibana+logstash) and a few questions.

Regarding the elasticsearch.yml configuration, should I need to configure an initial list of nodes that will be contacted to discover and form the cluster?

discovery.zen.ping.unicast.hosts: ["master-01", "datanode-01", "datanode-02"]

Regarding the logstash.conf file what IP do I put in Logstash's output's elasticsearch configuration? master-01 ip address?

output {
elasticsearch { ? }


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That's not ideal, see https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/guide/2.x/important-configuration-changes.html#_minimum_master_nodes


Ideally never the master nodes.

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Out of curiosity, where are you hosting this setup?

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you should make a cluster including all master, data and client nodes that is helpful for load balancing the data also. for this you have to mention all nodes hostname in discovery parameter.

As you told logstash is configured on client node you can mention the IP of elasticsearch as per your configuration ex: localhost if you configured elasticsearch on the same machine or cluster IP from which you are accessing the Elasticsearch cluster. also you can mention the data node ip

process wil be as whenever any logs are coming it will go to client node and due to elasticsearch all data will be reflected in the cluster and request will be followed.

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