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maybe this isn't exactly the right group for my question but I didn't find better suited other.

I would like to know which web design company did the elastic.co web site.
I find it very slick and user friendly and my company is in the process of revamping it's own so I was thinking that we could contact the people who did elastic.co


Hi Antonie- We do all of our design using our internal Creative Services team. @dadoonet shared your comments to the Marketing team so thank you! Looks like you are in France. Unfortunately, I don't know any agencies in France but have contacts at some Bay Area agencies if you're interested. Regards, Jeff

Hi Jeff,

We are looking for a web agency that could help us build our new corporate
web site and we really like the elastic.co look, especially the icons, the
corporate identity,... Is everything design in-house?
or have you been helped by a web design agency?

In any case, I'd be quite interested to get some contact, even in the Bay

We are located in France but our headquarters are in Dublin, so maybe some
of these agency have a foot in Europe which would make things even easier
for us.

Looking forward your answer

Antoine Brun

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