Elastic Daily Byte(s) Season 5: Search

:mega: Everyday at 11:45AM (CET - European) during 3 weeks and for only 8 minutes, we are live on YouTube, explaining many things related to text search.

It started on Monday with the basics of the Search API, then we covered text analysis and some text queries. Today we will be covering the runtime fields (in the search context) and tomorrow will be about synonyms and the brand new API that landed in 8.10.

Join us on the OfficialElasticCommunity youtube channel! Next week, we will go deeper in Vector search with topics like Embeddings, RRF, Elser, Image search...

8 minutes before lunch (depending on your time zone :wink: ) to learn something...


Hi! would you please provide sources for examples youre working with? Bytes-discuss dataset, jupyter notebooks, etc..?

The repo for the Eland, NLP, ML video is here: GitHub - iuliaferoli/byte_of_eland: Part of the Elastic Daily Byte series - an episode on Eland, ML, and NLP

Hello @Petr_Novotny,

The repo for sparse and dense vector search is here.

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