Elastic Engineer (on-Demand) Training - Lab instructions Chapter 3.3 not displayed correctly

Hi there,

I am currently doing the Elastic Engineer (on-Demand) Training.

I now wanted to do the labs of Chapter 3.3 („Developing search applications“). However the page of the lab instructions for that chapter seems to have an error and the instructions are therefore not displayed (correctly).

The page says the following (please also refer to the screenshot of the error):

Macro Syntax Error

Line 88 in Markdown file: unexpected char '^' at 2938

"lt": "{{end_date}}{{^end_date}}{{start_date}}||+1w{{/end_date}}"

This problem only seems to be present for chapter 3.3, all other lab instructions are displayed correctly.

Could you please help me with this error or as a workaround provide me the lab instructions as a PDF so I can continue the course.

Thank you and regards,


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