Lab instructions - fundamentals of securing the elastic stack


Ok so odds are I've just gone cross eyed but I started the above course yesterday and things seemed to be working ok except for the timers (accessing the environment, it would say that my previous session had been stopped due to inactivity and I had x minutes left - when I then resume, I would have to do so twice and it would dock an extra 30 minutes or so). This morning though when looking at lab3, there are no lab instructions or link to lab instructions that I can see. The only link available is to the launch into the lab environment itself.

How and where can I access the lab instructions because I can no longer find any link to those.

Thanks heaps

When you get to your lab environment, click on the icon on the left hand side that looks like a cloud (it's called "My Lab"). If you click on that you should see a Linux terminal. Just above the Linux terminal you see a little gear icon. If you click on that, a menu should open up. Click on the second menu option "Machine Info".

Now, a popup will appear with a hostname (under Pubic DNS). Copy that hostname and paste it into a new tab in your browser. This will bring you to the lab instructions.

...Mother of dragons...doh!

Can't believe that, obviously my memory is even worse than I thought! Thanks heaps for your help, much appreciated. Now to see how much time I have left for the lab. I have to say that the timers seem somewhat off but it's hard to complain when you're given a course for free - excellent initiative by Elastic.

Again, thanks for all your help

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