Having challenges getting into lab environment

I am having challenges with step #2 in the lab - CHROME is telling me that the site can't be reached. Per the instruction I am copying and pasting from the command line in the server. I am also down to 2 1/2 hours left of the lab as I have been trying to get this to work. Is it possible to reset my lab time ?

Maybe you are using an old URL. Go to your Strigo environment and copy the latest URL. Let me know if it works or not. Send a message to elastic training to get your lab time reset.

Feel free to join us for synchronous help in https://ela.st/slack, #training


If you are referring to step #1 of the Lab Guide, yes, I went in and typed cat /home/endgame/dns.txt and copied and pasted that - "The site can't be reached"

Hi, I'm sorry you're running into these issues. We have had a case in the past where the public DNS was not assigned as it should have been and as a workaround what you can do is use the internal IP assigned to the instance. To do so you just need to run "ifconfig" and then use the 172.x.x.x in place of the public DNS. Will that work to get you going in the course for the remainder of the time?

That wasn't working for me either. Step 2 of the lab instructions did not work for me but when I did look at the INFO in the server - I saw the AWS address - I put that in instead of what I believe the directions tell you to do and I am now in and able to log into ENDGAME.

Good thing you can continue. The issue you might run into is that upon pausing or stopping the training, that AWS public DNS will change which is why we used the customer public DNS (that is having issues in your course for some reason). If you are able to complete it all in on session though, you shouldn't see issues.

Unfortunately I will not be able to finish this training in one session so it appears I still have a challenge.

You can recreate the profile with the new public DNS when you start again, btu if using the AWS DNS then that is the only option

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