Issue with Endgame lab


In the Elastic Endgame free training, Strigo Lab:

In the very first part when you

cat /home/endgame/dns.txt

I got this dns:

When trying to log into it using https from the endpoint machine using chrome browser or any browser it is not resolving anything.

it should take me to the security warning for the platform cert, but it is not!

any help in this?

I've restarted the server and the endpoint many times with no luck.


This means that the public DNS we set up is currently not working for this lab for some reason which I'll need to troubleshoot. there are two options we can use to get you going and I'll let you choose which.

  1. We can reset your labs from scratch which should refresh this DNS entry
  2. You can use the internal IP for the instance which only your endpoint can connect to. On the server, just run 'ifconfig' and find the private IP address, then use that in place of the DNS where asked to.


Hi @Joe_Pilkington

Moving on with option 2 solved the issue.

thanks for the help.


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