Elastic Endgame Lab issue


In the Elastic Endgame free training, Strigo Lab:


In the very first part when you

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cat /home/endgame/dns.txt

I got this dns:

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When trying to log into it using https from the endpoint machine using chrome browser or any browser it is not resolving anything.

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it should take me to the security warning for the platform cert, but it is not!

any help in this?

I've restarted the server and the endpoint many times with no luck.

I have tried the IP rather than DNS name but I am unable to install the endpoint since it looks up dns name.

Hi Justin,

This could be due to an issue with the public DNS we create to be static where the public DNS for the AWS instance will change every time that the instance is paused or shut down. What I would recommend as a workaround is to use the private IP given to the instance when browsing to it AND in the transceiver address when you create a sensor profile. When you navigate back to the server you can run ifconfig and then use the private IP address listed there which should persist for the duration of the course.

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