Elastic Endpoint Security Fundamentals - STRIGO & Lab wrong instructions & error

I am following the Elastic Endpoint Security Fundamentals training and when trying to set up the lab I can't make it work.
Instructions are :
1- You need to navigate to the Endpoint Security platform by selecting the "Server" instance in Strigo, then clicking the gear icon to collect the public DNS name.
=> OK from the SERVER terminal I got the DNS from server : THIS LEADS to the lab instructions...
2- Then using the chrome browser on your "Endpoint" instance in Strigo, navigate to that DNS name using HTTPS. Chrome will give a security warning for the platform cert. Nothing is happening still CONNECTING to the lab instruction
3- I am suppose to log on in a machine with user & password provided and install / deploy the end point.
Here am I stuck at the first steps of the lab ... this is a pity ..
Can you help please ? what am I doing wrong here ? are the instructions incorrect or the strigo lab broken right now ?
I'm using Linux Ubuntu 1804 & Firefox (I tried chrome too)


It looks like you might be missing the 'https://' in front of your domain name if it is redirecting you to the lab instructions. Can you try again but while using https://<server_domain_name>?

Thanks it has worked and it is written !! I missed that CRITICAL detail
Nice evening

Happy to hear that is worked out for you. Enjoy the rest of the training!

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