Login Issue between Strigo and Endpoint Security Fundamentals Course (training.elastic.co)

After enrolling into the Endpoint Security Fundamentals Course, I reviewed the course from my training.elastic.co dashboard under "My Learning." This launched a new tab for the course with this url: scorm.servicerocket.io.

In the "Setting Up Your Lab" section, I click the button labeled "Lab" and it opens another tab.

The only thing that populates in the new tab is the word "Loading..." for a couple of seconds, then it displays "Workspace not found."

I was able to login a couple of weeks ago when I began the course. I am also able to navigate to https://app.strigo.io/guide and login with my google account email. I have tried to get it to reset my password and was unsuccessful due to originally signing up with my google account. How do I get back in before my training expires on Saturday?

I'll lock this one in favour of the other thread in the training category, as the training team monitors that one closely and will get back to you soon :slight_smile:

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