Login Issue between Strigo and Endpoint Security Fundamentals Course

After enrolling into the Endpoint Security Fundamentals Course, I reviewed the course from my training.elastic.co dashboard under "My Learning." This launched a new tab for the course with this url: scorm.servicerocket.io.

In the "Setting Up Your Lab" section, I click the button labeled "Lab" and it opens another tab.

The only thing that populates in the new tab is the word "Loading..." for a couple of seconds, then it displays "Workspace not found."

I was able to login a couple of weeks ago when I began the course. I am also able to navigate to https://app.strigo.io/guide and login with my google account email. I have tried to get it to reset my password and was unsuccessful due to originally signing up with my google account. How do I get back in before my training expires on Saturday?

I requested my account be deleted to try fresh after several hours of trying different things. I ended up contacting strigo customer support and letting them know. Deleting the account was part of the issue. Once strigo customer support re-linked my account, it worked.

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