Strigo "cannot connect you to this training environment"


I'm trying to do Kibana Fundamentals: Limited Offer and when I get to the lab I get the following Strigo error when it loads.

I have given it 24 hours in case it was caused by having a lab still running from an earlier course, but it is still coming up. I have also tried another course Anomaly Detection for Cybersecurity and I get the same error on that course.

What can I do to get access to the lab environment? Or is it possible to download the labs to complete on my own machine?

Hey David. Thanks for reaching out.

Are you using the same email address than the one used for the registration of the training?

If yes then send it to me via PM and I will manually register you.

@Melvyn I'm having exactly the same problem as David. I am using the same e-mail as the one used to register for the training. Can you please help me?

Can you send me your email in private message?

@Melvyn I am having the same issue as well.
Trying to access labs for "Installing and Scaling ECE" while i was able to access "ECE Fundamentals" labs few days back with no issues. Used same email id all across. Please help!

Can you send me a PM with your email address

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Hello I'm having the same issue. I registered with the same email as I used to login to strigo labs. I'm trying to register for Observability Fundamentals.

@Melvyn I have sent you a PM

I'm facing the same issue... I did create a fresh new account with the same e-mail address I did create my Elastic Cloud account. An interesting fact is that I did create the Strigo account by connecting with my Google account. Both accounts (Elastic Cloud and Strigo) are using my main e-mail address). Can you please manually register me? Thanks in advance.

Nvm it suddenly worked! Thx and sorry for bothering :slight_smile:

Hello, I created my account today and I have the same problem to log in to the lab.

Can you help me?


I'm experiencing the same issue today. I tried to do the first lab and used the same email address to register for elastic and strigo but it can't connect.

Hi, Spyderman,

Just send an email to

They respond very quickly.

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