Elastic Forwarder not decoding json

I'm working on setting up the Elastic Forwarder. The documentation states that it automatically discovers json content - but it's not splitting all of the json content out into fields like it does when using the decode_json_fields processor when using functionbeat.

Does this processor or something like it exist for the elastic forwarder?

Hi @eyear Welcome to the community!

Are you referring to the new Elastic Serverless Forwarder (AWS -SAR)

There is a section on json discovery here does that help?

Hi @stephenb - Thank you.

Yes, I am referring to the new elastic serverless forwarder. I am familiar with that documentation and it doesn't seem to address what I am looking for.

That documentation states that the elastic forwarder is able to automatically discover json content in the payload. I am seeing that the forwarder does this, except it keeps the entire json payload in the message field and it doesn't split the message out into individual json events.

I currently have the elastic forwarder hooked up to a kinesis data stream (from a cloudwatch log subscription filter), and here is an example of an ingested json document with an application error message:

	"messageType": "DATA_MESSAGE",
	"owner": "account_id",
	"logGroup": "/aws/lambda/lambda_name",
	"logStream": "2022/11/18/[$LATEST]xxx",
	"subscriptionFilters": ["test_lambda_filter"],
	"logEvents": [{
		"id": "37215743013839263",
		"timestamp": 1668811633088,
		"message": "START RequestId: ec57f841-e70b Version: $LATEST\n"
	}, {
		"id": "3721574308921578",
		"timestamp": 1668811636468,
		"message": "{\"Timestamp\":\"2022-11-18T22:47:16.3716425+00:00\",\"Level\":\"Information\",\"MessageTemplate\":\"Found credentials using the AWS SDK's default credential search\",\"Message\":\"Found credentials using the AWS SDK's default credential search\",\"SourceContext\":\"AWSSDK\",\"Environment\":\"Development\"}\n"
	}, {
		"id": "3721574313024915",
		"timestamp": 1668811638308,
		"message": "System.ArgumentException: Tenant Not Found: Going away\n   at ID.Core.Data.IO.TenantContext.FetchTenantInfo(String orgId)\n   at ID.Core.Lambda.LambdaBase.GetTenantInformationFromCatalog(String orgId)\n)"

I would like this document to be broken down into individual json fields. In the past, using functionbeat with the decode_json_fields processor would handle all of this and break this up into a document with its respective fields after filtering off of a specific field.

I have tried using the expand_event_list_from_field with the forwarder, and on this specific json document tried to filter on the logEvents field - which does narrow down this document to just everything contained in the logEvents list - but it still doesn't break it down into individual json events/elasticsearch fields. So - does something like the decode_json_fields processor exist for the elastic forwarder that I could filter off of logEvents to end up creating multiple key:value fields in elasticsearch?

@Andrea_Spacca any advice/ insight?

hello @eyear , sorry for the late reply

The forwarder provides only the expand_event_list_from_field setting, that you correctly used to access the events list inside logEvents

What you are looking to achieve with the decode_json_fields processor available on filebeat should be done, with the forwarder, in an ingest pipeline directly on the Elasticsearch cluster instead: using the json processor JSON processor | Elasticsearch Guide [8.5] | Elastic

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