Elastic GravityApps Sql Backup Transaction Logs

I can see quite a few transaction logs dating back to last year June and this is really using a lot of disk space up. I have a scheduled a full backup of the server, so after this successfully completes I will delete all last years logs.

As best practice what length of time should the transaction logs be kept on the server?

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Elasticsearch doesn't create these, so you'd need to ask your sql server admin.

I get that, I am the system admin, all previous left so now got to work it out for myself, isn't how most of us sys admins start out, learning after other seniors leave? haha!

Transaction logs backup each day 30mins apart and then a full backup is run every night, so I'd say I am safe deleting older backups as there have not been any issues since that time, so really as long as I keep at least two/three weeks worth, should be fine.....right? :slight_smile:

What you're asking is outside the scope of what we can assist with as Elasticsearch is not the product you are asking about.

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