Elastic hosted Cloud: using CloudID vs URL


I have a question on the hosting. We are planning on using WinLogBeats and MetricBeats to send log/server metric data to elastic search. We plan on creating a cluster from the Elastic offering so we do not have to host servers on premise.

My question is: When you sign up, you can copy the cloud id and use that in the beats yml file and it will override the elastic url settings. We have seen that you can specify the elastic URL and un/pwd and this works, but are there any drawbacks to just specifying the elastic URL and kibana URL in the yml file?

The main reason we want to just specify a url + un/pwd is that makes it so we can deploy beats in a consistent way across multiple environments. We will have some hosted (dev environments) but anything running in a production mode will be cloud based and it will simplify our deployment to basically only have one path rather than a conditional path.


The Cloud ID to make things simpler, but if you find the URL+auth way simpler because of your automation setup, then just go with whatever works :slight_smile:

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