Elastic How to retrieve such 'JT221_20180101, A98068_20180321' product information

This field stores multiple product information using the letter "," where "_" is preceded by the product code," _" followed by the purchase time, and how to retrieve the customer information that matches the results based on the product code and purchase time.

"_source": {
"cust_id": 5,
"sex": "Male",
"pro_code": "JT2929,A98068",
"pro_time": "JT221_20180101, A98068_20180321"

I apologize, this is still a little unclear as to what you are trying to do, can you explain what sort of query text you want to use for this?

It may be that I have not described enough. es store a product field. The value of this field is composed of "product code + product time". There will be multiple data. Use "," to distinguish. I fill in the on the page Product Code and Product Time, how should I search for data that meets both criteria

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