Elastic Java Agent with CometD for Event based tracing


I am currently using elastic java agent 1.36.0.

The application I am trying to capture traces has Kafka calls based on events i.e, some of the services are event based while some are HTTP based.

This application has below dependency: org.cometd.java


Its been used for event based message handling.
However, when I am trying to run the transactions for the application, I am unable to track the parent transaction that triggered the kafka event i.e, they show up as transactions instead of span to some parent transaction.

I suspect the cometD dependency which is not supported frameworks of java agent causing a problem.
Is it possible? If yes , Is there any way It can be handled?

Also, Are traces for websocket based connection between services supported by the java agent ?

Awaiting your suggestion/advise on above query.

Best Regards,
Namita Jaokar


Like you said, the comet-D library is not explicitly supported by the agent. I think your only option to support distributed tracing with it would be to write a custom plugin.

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