Elastic + Meteor & DDP

(Sven Beauprez) #1

I was wondering if anyone has investigated the usage of elastic in the same setup as mongodb with oplog with Meteor (https://www.meteor.com/) and its distributed data protocol implementation (https://www.meteor.com/ddp).

I am not looking for a searchbox with elastic as the backend, but I am looking to replace mongodb as a full blown datastore with elastic while preserving the reactive updates to the frontend.

Has somebody looked in that? (references?) If not, what would be the steps to implement this (ie. what would be the equivalent implementation of mongodb oplog)?



(Sven Beauprez) #2

Ok, found the related issue on github:

It looks like it is quite difficult to implement, but since the world is going reactive I think 'stalling' this feature is a bad idea IMO...



(Mark Walkom) #3

It's not stalled on purpose :slight_smile:

(Sven Beauprez) #4

What do you mean not on purpose? Not enough interests or other priorities or something else?

(Mark Walkom) #5

Like any software project we need to allocate limited resources to get things done.
If you would like to see the changes API then I'd definitely recommend commenting on the GH issue, if you haven't already.

(Sven Beauprez) #6

Ok, thnx for the feedback!

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