Elastic Observability Engineer training - Lab 6.1

I am currently doing the Elastic Observability Engineer training and starting on the Machine Learning lab.

Lab 6.1 mentions that under the Anomaly Detection section that I should have two ML jobs for the logs-ui group from a previous lab section. I have done all the labs up to this point but do not have these two jobs, or any at all under that heading.

Have I missed a step in a previous lab to not have any ML jobs? I can not think of where I have missed those steps.

Hi @deccman ,

you might have missed the machine learning steps from lesson 1 of module 4, which is related to the Logs app. Please take a look at steps from 12 to 21 for lab 4.1.


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Hi Andre,

That has fixed my issue with lab 6.1. I am not sure why I missed those last steps in 4.1.



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