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I've created a machine learning job from scratch and, now, when I want to create a detection rules for this job, I cannot see it in that list.
I have one node where can be opened 20 jobs, but it is the only one active.
Any help?

Thank you!

@Cosmin_Ciobanu1 it sounds like you may be missing the Security group/tag on your custom ML job; you can see this and other prerequisites in our ML Rule documentation.

If this is not the issue, then some details about your environment will help us further diagnose:

  1. Kibana version
  2. ML Job configuration details
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Hi @Cosmin_Ciobanu1, I think @RylandHerrick has the right suggestion! If you wish to add your own custom ML jobs, create and add them to the “security” group from the Machine Learning application.

When creating a new anomaly detection job, you can add the group when specifying the job details, like this:

If you've already created the job, you can edit it and add the Group, like this:

Once you've added the security group to the job, it will appear in the list from the detections page, like this:

Hope this helps!

Please let us know how this works out for you!

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