Update prebuilt ML jobs


According to this site, there should be over 100 prebuilt ML rules. However when I'm going to our Elastic Cloud based Stack, Machine Learning, Job Management, then I only see 20 jobs, some of the versions even look a bit outdated (versioned 7.2.x or 7.4.x).

How are these jobs updated? Is it via Kibana, or via the Beats? And do I need to do something to upgrade them and get all the available rules?


Hi there,

First, this question might be better to be post in elastic security - siem category.

To see all the pre-build rules, the right place is "Security" -> "SIEM" -> "Detection" -> "Manage signal detection rules" . As far as I know, among all those pre-build rules, only 23 are ML related, which you can search them by using ML tag. You can create ML jobs from there based on 23 rules or your own custom rules.


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