Elastic Observability Lab 3.1

Course: Elastic Observability
Version: 8.8.2
Question: I'm attempting lab 3.1. It indicated that there should already be a petclinic-address-finder under APM > Services. However, in my environment, when I access APM >Services, it just shows "Welcome to Elastic Observability!" there is only options to Add data. Is there an issue with my environment?

My Environment

Screenshot from Lab 3.1
Lab 3.1 screenshot

Hey jhl,

Just to confirm, did you do step 7 in the 3.1 lab instructions? That step is important for the petclinic-address-finder to show up.


Hi Tim,

Yes, I've added the secret token as indicated on step 7.

Could you try to run docker restart fleet-server
That should restart the APM server

I hope that helps

Hi Tim,

I've just went back to the environment and the petclinic-address-finder have appeared without me doing anything. Not sure why it took so long for it to appear. Thanks for your help!

Good to hear that it works. Sometimes it takes some time before we can see the data coming in.