Elastic-py + Kibana

How to integrate Kibana using elastic-search py . I know I can use iframe source of kibana in my html but i dont want to expose my kibana address to users.l

Hi @aditya,

Kibana and elasticsearch-py are completely unrelated. You can use elasticsearch-py to interact with Elasticsearch via its REST API and you can use Kibana for visualization (or ad-hoc queries in the "Dev Tools" tab).

Sharing a Kibana dashboard without revealing Kibana's actual address it outside of the scope of Kibana. One solution is to use a reverse proxy in front of Kibana. Users are talking to the reverse proxy (e.g. https://analytics.example.org) and your reverse proxy is then talking to Kibana on their behalf. Therefore users will only see the reverse proxy host (analytics.example.org) instead of Kibana's actual IP.


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