Elastic replication after reboot

(Serg) #1

I have 2 nodes with replica factor 1.
it's mean that I should have not less than 1 copy of indexes.

I had problems with 1 server and I stooped it and added new clean volume. after sync I found that not all indexes was recovered.
Why ??

(Mark Walkom) #2

Did you check the logs to see what happened?

(andy_zhou) #3

show the cluster settings.
1:replica pramiy
2:replica replication

(Serg) #4

root@05elasticsearch:/etc/elasticsearch# curl -s -XGET 'http://localhost:9200/_cat/indices?v&health=red'
health status index uuid pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size pri.store.size
red open logstash-2017.12.16 aJYqdwCITLWxn6rZINEHeg 5 1
red open logstash-2017.12.22 0CpN6TU8SGuDpO3qvgsTjQ 5 1
red open logstash-2017.12.14 TF_VzcRcQKSK8hFtBRzreA 5 1
red open logstash-2017.12.17 lZYLwn1rRmCcjA5j4bmGhA 5 1
red open logstash-2017.12.13 K4d4nZr6QSOIF7OFwfTuRg 5 1
red open logstash-2017.12.05 AgVIeZ2cQji5SSFlnmS8dw 5 1 3355604 0 2.8gb 2.8gb
red open logstash-2017.12.06 fZ1UTeLIQFuNwoS2Gh7WmA 5 1
red open logstash-2017.12.11 dMlJJSGVSPuempli1DG-BA 5 1
red open logstash-2017.12.12 8-4-zHFrT4SAFIp01lCZuQ 5 1
red open logstash-2017.12.18 GCt3d9vCSB6FrWnI8B9N6A 5 1
red open logstash-2017.12.21 2EWorvFVSk-lNeTV37XCMQ 5 1
red open logstash-2017.12.07 5pW99fYMRbeBY6VkXCnYCw 5 1
red open logstash-2017.12.19 0OrSQw5ARR-BA5BT7zbGBQ 5 1
red open logstash-2017.12.15 LnbvkPLjSayCHkiNnz8ZDA 5 1
red open logstash-2017.12.20 yaXoumtiQhiUgIJ7BsN51w 5 1
red open logstash-2017.12.09 uJGRYeqoTJSQYaRff3EpXQ 5 1
red open logstash-2017.12.08 w4ZHtPu4QhSy8UGeYv6oNA 5 1
red open logstash-2017.12.10 8lhihdywRiOb51Xu-eiy_w 5 1

(Christian Dahlqvist) #5

Were all replica shards allocated when you shut down the node? Was the cluster in a green state?

(Serg) #6

cluster was at green state, i could not tell exactly where it was, what i need now, it assign it to some node (i have 2)
how could i do it ?

(Vivek Sharma) #7

Great! Thank you for sharing.

Vivek Sharma
Admin at http://sharma-vivek.com/

(system) #8

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