Elastic score as percentage

Use case: We have thousands of user records in an index. We have configurable rules for searching users which defines user's attributes and their weightage.

Lets say, Rule is having following fields with their boost/weight

Name - 2
License - 4
Email - 3

We have used bool query with boost assigned to each field.
Now, we simply query the data by providing required 3 properties and want to have similar match percentage of the record.

Lets say, Name and license matched, and email matched to some extent so we want to see the approximate match percentage of the result.

There are problems with the _score . We are not able to judge the extreme points of the score.

If I ingest User A in index and query the same user, it gives _score lets say 18.50.
if I again insert User A and again run the same query, it gives _score less than before i.e. 17.50 and returns 2 results. Score isnt consistent and thus we cant put threshold score.

I simply want to answer if search is successful or not, If matching percentage is >80%, then we assume search is successful. How to set threshold min_score or get percentage? Any good solution? TIA

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