Elastic Search 15+ SEARCH AND ANALYZE Features - Is there a demo of wach?

Hello, and I do hope everyone is keeping safe/well

Our company is looking through the 15+ SEARCH AND ANALYZE features (listed below)
but is there a non-tech or visual/video explaining each one?

We're really looking for a way to prioritize which are most relevant to build our data structure. (ecommerce site)

It sounds like you and may be the rest of your company are not developers but more end users. Is that right?

Because you want to focus on the search use case, I'd recommend looking at Elastic App Search: Advanced Search Made Simple | Elastic. It's basically a service on top of elasticsearch which simplifies everything when you have a search use case.

There's also a video which explains hopefully most of the concepts: Getting started with Elastic App Search | Elastic Videos

One of the nice user stories for example: HappyFresh Scales with COVID-19 Shopping Surge | Elastic Customers

There are also some free training resources available. This one for example: App Search Quick Start

I'm not sure there are non tech visual/videos to explain the very technical features you get from the features list, but the text which is closed to each feature should tell you already a lot. Please let us know if something is unclear in that text that we can help to understand.

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Thank you Dadoonet for your reply.

The reference links you provided will be useful and I'll read those.

What I was specifically seeking was.

  • Here is an example of Highlighters in action
  • Here is an example of Corrections (spell check) in action and if you want this to work you need the following API's available in x languages
  • Here’s an example of Type ahead (auto-complete) and to achieve this your Products must have a TITLE, DESCRIPTION and KEY WORDS.

What I'm also trying to understand is how to best TAG our 100k products. Surely we don't need to manually do this and there are api's or 3rd parties that can assist?