Elastic search 2.4 performance issue on VM (openstack)


We have an elastic cluster(2.4) with around 18T data (with replica) running on 10 nodes.
Recently we moved 2 of our servers to VM using openstack but started facing issues on both of the VM's intermittently.


  • Intermittently cpu load becomes high on VM machines.
  • Search latency starts increasing
  • after few minutes load comes back to normal and node starts behaving fine
  • nothing unusual in marvel and elastic logs

Issues are coming only on VM nodes which is also intermittent whereas physical machine nodes are working absolutely fine.

We have also restarted/rebalanced the cluster but still issue persist.

Also, VM's which we are running have better configuration then physical machines with only 1 VM per 1 physical machine.

Anyone faced the same issue or can suggest any pointer.


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