Elastic Search 5.2.2: request circuit breaker changes (Bug of 5.2.1)


We are in process of upgrading to Elastic Search 5.2.1.

I read release notes of ES 5.2.2:
"The request circuit breaker, which track the size of in-flight requests, was not decrementing its counter when the connection was closed by the client before the response could be returned. This could result in no further requests being accepted until the node has been restarted. All users should upgrade to take advantage of this bug fix."

If I stick to 5.2.1 for production will it create any impact, as description says there can be client connection issue and node might require restart.

If so is there any way to mitigate this in 5.2.1.

Amit Sinha.

The leak that was fixed in 5.2.2 would manifest if a client disappeared before Elasticsearch had sent a response to the client. Every time a client did this, the leak would grow larger.

If you can upgrade to 5.2.2 instead, you should. Even better would be 5.3.0.

Thank you, for your response.

You're welcome.

Can I use 5.2.1 Client on 5.2.2 Server.

It should be fine, no guarantees though, you should of course test your usage.

Thanks for response.

You're welcome.

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