Elastic Search 5.6.x : index.mapping.single_type

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I am migrating to 5.6.10 from 5.2.2, what is Default value for:


Amit Sinha.

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I have no idea of what this setting is (was). Could you share where this is coming from? Can't recall.

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Thank you. Please refer following url:


Schedule for removal of mapping types
This is a big change for our users, so we have tried to make it as painless as possible. The change will roll out as follows:

Elasticsearch 5.6.0
Setting index.mapping.single_type: true on an index will enable the single-type-per-index behaviour which will be enforced in 6.0.


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I see. It's false by default in 5.6 and true in 6.0.

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Thank you.

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