Elastic search and fscrawler

I am working on elastic search and fscrawler. I am trying to index pdf, docx, jpeg file on elsatic search using fscrawlers. On my local jpeg file text content read successfully but on my server it not read text content. My local machine is ubuntu and server is centos. Please help me.

So you are indexing an image which contains text, that's right?
Did you install Tesseract for OCR?

Yes I indexing an image which contains text and I installed Tesseract.

Could you make sure that tesseract is available on the default PATH of your machine?
Otherwise configure https://fscrawler.readthedocs.io/en/latest/user/tips.html#ocr-path

Resolved issue. Below libs are missing:

libjpeg-dev  libpng-dev  libtiff4-dev


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