Elastic search and logstash performance tuning

hello, i have been using configuring logstash for tuning and i need help. i set the JVM heap of elasticsearch to 8gb and logstash JVM heap to 6gb
my server has 4 cpus, 4 cores each 2.2ghz and 16gb RAM.
i set the number of workers of logstash to 16 and batch size to 8000 and batch delay to 50
300K events took like 3.45 mins. i noticed it is jumping to about 4800 events/s then falling back to 500- 900 . like in this picture

and here are stats from unix and metrics

can I keep the performance around 4800events/s or even more and I am running logstash and elasticsearch on the same node and here is mu logstash conf

input {

file {

path => "/data/elasticsearch/data/*_0004_OCC.csv"

start_position => "beginning"

sincedb_path => "/dev/null"



filter {

csv {

separator => ","

columns =>

["100 column headers"]


mutate {

add_field => {

"Calldatetime" => "%{calldate} %{calltime}"



date {

match => ["Calldatetime", "YYYYMd HHmmss", "YYYYMdd HHmmss", "YYYYMMd HHmmss", "YYYYMMdd HHmmss"]

target => "Calldatetime"

locale => "en"

timezone => "UTC"



output {

stdout {

codec => dots


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