Elastic search as a primary storage: features/capabilities

I am trying to get my head around some feature/capabilities for elastic
search vs mongoldb as a primary storage for document stores.

  1. What is the storage overhead for a local deployment? how many copies?
    If I use it as the primary store, what are the protection guarantees?
  2. Does it have ability to do geo-protection? if yes, how many sites?
  3. Does it have ability to access data from multiple sites?
  4. I saw there are snapshots, but whats the limit on number of snapshots
    that can be taken? can i rollback a specific document and not entire
    cluster if i take a snapshot at cluster level?

Some deployment related questions:
How many nodes does it scale to? any limits?
what is the preferred spindle size? I saw it eats up a lot of memory, but
I assume it prefers SSDs or 1 TB drives larger than that how it would

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