Elastic search _bulk indexing error

I am facing error while the beat is trying to do a bulk indexing request to the elastic search. The following error is prompting while doing the beat ,

2018/03/21 05:26:38.407731 data.go:144: INFO Event: {"@timestamp":"2018-03-21T05:26:38.407Z","bean":{"attribute":"CollectionCount","hostname":"","name":"java.lang:type=GarbageCollector,name=PS Scavenge","value":22},"beat":{"hostname":"DEVVL03","name":"DEVVL03"},"type":"jmx"}
2018/03/21 05:26:38.407805 data.go:107: DBG Requesting JMX:
2018/03/21 05:26:38.584639 client.go:452: DBG ES Ping(url=, timeout=1m30s)
2018/03/21 05:26:38.588515 client.go:461: DBG Ping status code: 200
2018/03/21 05:26:38.588622 output.go:158: INFO Trying to load template for client: &{{ %!s(*http.Client=&{0xc4201e20f0 90000000000}) %!s(bool=true) %!s(func() error=0x72da70)} jmxproxybeat map[] {{ %!s(bool=false) %!s(int=0) %!s(int=0) %!s(int=0)} %!s(elasticsearch.state=0) }}
_2018/03/21 05:26:38.588662 client.go:480: DBG HEAD
2018/03/21 05:26:38.590745 output.go:174: INFO Template already exists and will not be overwritten.
_2018/03/21 05:26:38.591370 bulkapi.go:131: DBG Sending bulk request to
2018/03/21 05:26:38.593617 client.go:147: ERR Failed to perform any bulk index operations: 406 Not Acceptable
2018/03/21 05:26:38.593662 single.go:79: INFO Error publishing events (retrying): 406 Not Acceptable
2018/03/21 05:26:38.593681 single.go:143: INFO send fail
2018/03/21 05:26:38.593704 backoff.go:34: DBG backoff: wait for 4s

Elasticserach - 6.2.2
Logstash - 6.2.2
Kibana - 6.2.2

Iam directly pushing the data to the elasticsearch and not using the logstash as of now.

Thanks in advance!

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