Elastic search certified exam

Dear All, Please help me on the criteria to pass elastic certified exam.

Which are the required number of use cases I must complete out of 10 to pass the exam ?

If I implement partial use case how much score I will get ?

Any document created for it please do share with me.

Hi Sourabh,

We don't disclose a number of marks/ percentage that you need to pass. But I can confirm that partial credit for tasks is given. The topic list should also give you a good indication of the topics covered.

If you are looking for further resources for preparing for and passing the Elastic Certified Engineer exam, check the below resources too which have some useful tips:

  1. Preparing for the Elastic Certified Engineer Exam- Get Elasticsearch Certified
  2. Acing the Elastic Certified Engineer Exam

Thank you.

You're welcome Sourabh. We also have a recent blog post that gives some good tips for preparing for the exam, and also references some further resources. Good luck!

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