Elastic Search Custom Plugin

  1. How can we redeploy Elastic Search Plugin without restarting cluster ?

  2. Out Of Memory Exception, how can we check before executing the query weather it will execute or not?

  3. In Term aggregation, how can we set limit ?

  4. How to copy 1 index data from 1 server to another quickly, (Using Elastic Dump command it copes only 100 records at a time.

  1. You can't. A rolling restart would be the way to go, node after node.
  2. Are you talking about out of memory exceptions or about the circuit breaker? Even then this is hard to tell on a per-request base, because a request might work just fine when there is no load, but it is a different case when there are hundreds of requests per second.
  3. What should this limit limit on?
  4. Use the reindex API

Q.3 :- In Term aggregation, how can we set limit ?

Term aggregation i want for a particular term starting 100 record then in next time next 100 records based on sorting. (In other words pagination)

Q.5 :- I have two indices of same metadata but want to combined and required to append the data of one to the other one. How can i do this.

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