Elastic Search Data format conversion

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I have 1 TB Elastic search data across 4 node cluster is there a way we can convert that data into CSV or Json?

Abhinav D

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You can probably use logstash for this.

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hi dadoonet

i have 5 Grok filter in logstash . Could you please help me how can i do that is there any document for that?

Abhinav D

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I don't see the relationship between 5 grok filters and the initial question you asked.

You want to export data from Elasticsearch to a JSON file, right?
This is not related to any filter.

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Yes we have all data 1.1 TB in either single json or multiple Json Or CSV .

Its possible?

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Yes probably with logstash with an elasticsearch input plugin and a file output plugin ?

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How can i know the data type[like : json,csv etc] for ES snapshot ?


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If you mean the snapshot and restore feature, it's nothing like that. Let's say it's a binary format.

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Hi Dadoonet

Actually, the problem is we have all the data in ES right now as I already mention. Around 1.1 TB data.

Logstash doesn't have much data its just filter out and pushes the data to ES.

So what i want to convert that 1.1 TB data in Json or csv . So i can put that JSON and CSV in S3 bucket and use one aws tool athena to query the data.

And clear my 1.1 TB and use ELK cluster for only one month data .


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Use logstash to read from elasticsearch and write to S3.

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is there any document available for that ?

Abhinav D

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