Elastic Search Data from 5.6.9 to 5.6.8

Hi All,

I have quite amount of data in my elasticsearch would like to say 160GB per index. The current elasticsearch version in 5.6.9. Now I wanted to take this data and wanted to put into the 5.6.8 version of elasticsearch.

Could you please let me know if it supports or not. If yes, could you please share the steps that we need to follow for the same.

Thank You

This is not supported.

Why would you do that BTW?

Like we have Pre-Prodcution system, the data from pre-production system is 5.6.9. Unfortunately due to some reason , in the customer production system having 5.6.8. So we wanted to take this data from 5.6.9 to 5.6.8.

Thank You

I did not check but it's absolutely not guaranteed and not supported that this can work.

The only official way is by reindexing which you can may be do.

Would be definitely better to ask your customer to upgrade to 5.6.10.

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