Elastic Search Get Numerical Sort Index/Rank of Document


  1. Large set of entity documents
  2. Entity documents have large sets of relationship documents (child
  3. Relationship documents contain a "type" field and field linking to
    another entity document that has the relationship
  4. Entity documents use increment functions to maintain aggregate counts
    grouped by each type of relationship document (something like friends:100
    and family:7)
  5. Queries are performed to sort and get entity documents by the count
    of a relationship aggregate field "type" (most to least, etc)


  1. Need to be able to get the 'rank number' of any entity in the set
    with iterating over the entire set to find it's position (most would be 1
    where least would be number of documents returned for query)


  • Is there any type of functionality that supports this?

  • If not, anyone know of some data architectural techniques to solve

Thanks in advance!

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I would also like to hear some discussion around this topic. I am working to solve this issue right now and I cannot identify a nice solution.

I did not realize how old this post was.