Elastic search HTTP URI query length

Hi All:

What is the URI length limitation for HTTP requests sent to ELASTIC HTTP interface (for passing multiple index names, along with cluster names) ? How to configure this parameter?

As per the link, URL query parameters limitation and https://netty.io/4.0/api/io/netty/handler/codec/http/HttpRequestDecoder.html
It is NETTY got used as HTTP server implementation.

I did not find any documentation where we can configure the length for URI (tuning NETTY parameters).

My use case is to check multiple indexes with cluster names appended passed in URI, and the length may cross 2048 bytes.

How to tune the parameters to support more length for URIs.

This is my first post hence correct me in case any concerns.


Pls. check https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/modules-http.html for the parameter http.max_initial_line_length and need to configure in kb and need to mention unit also.

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