Elastic Search Index Compatibility on rhel 6.8 and rhel 5.10


Following are Elastic Search cluster :
Main Cluster --> Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.8 (Santiago)

Fail-over Cluster --> Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.10 (Tikanga)

We are creating above new fail over cluster, purpose to Snapshot and Restore current Indices daily.

As all indices get created on rhel 6.8 and we do restore on rhel 5.10

So can I face compatibility Issue due to rhel 6.8 and rhel 5.10. Will there be any Issue while accessing Index from java client on Fail-over server(rhel 5.10).

Amit Sinha.

It's not dependent on the OS.

However we don't support RHEL 5.X - https://www.elastic.co/support/matrix

Thank you, I also had same understanding as Index are flat files, so behavior would be same across 5.10 + 0R 6.8 +.
Appreciate your response.

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