Elastic Search - index number and size limitations

Hi all ,
I have an application which is based ELK as for today I saving 2.5 Giga per daily index , my requirements are to save it 3 months in the past , each contain 8,640,000 documents

now I am taking this application and migrate it to another application with running ES I would like to reduce the number of indexs from daily to weekly
Daily storage: 2.5Giga and 8,640,000
weekly storage: 17.5Giga and 60,480,000

1.will be there a problem ?
2.does reducing the number of indexes is the right way (this solution is on prem so adding cluster with lots of macchines and sharding the documents between them should be the last option )
3.are there knowen limition when I am working with one instance regarding :
a. number of indexes
b. number of documents
c. indexs size

May I suggest you look at the following resources about sizing:


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