Elastic Search injest attachment cannot index multiple pdf

I have an mysql table with multiple pdfs and an associated item_name for

title	         pdf_s3_link
    --------         --------------
    Harry Potter	linktopdfons3
    Batman	        s3_link_to_pdfons3

I am trying to injest these data into my Elasticsearch index so that if there's a match I need to display the title. I am trying to use injest api but I dont know how to run this automatically. (I am doing a POC so this is not on escloud yet but in the future the whole system, injestion should be serverless + es cloud).

I came across fscrawler but even with that I cannot download all those pdf to a local directory. Whats the best way out of this ?

Are the PDFs on S3 or in the database as blobs?

free to access pdf links

I wrote a python script using pypdf2 which I could run as a cron job, but its slow and I am not sure if there is a better way around it. fscrawler does not allow links

There's nothing in the Elastic Stack that would do this for you unfortunately.

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