Elastic Search Internals

Can anyone point me out to any advanced course or research paper that dives deep into Elastic Search internals and how the architecture works internally in ES?

Hey there, it sounds like you're interested in our training resources. There is an Elasticsearch Engineer course and also an otpion to go on to be an Elastic Certified Engineer. Perhaps that's what you're looking for?

Depending on what you want to get out of it, we also have an excellent Search Labs site with tutorials and blogs that do deep dives on certain topics.

Thanks for the reply Kathleen. Actually, I was more of interested in how actually things work at low level in Elastic Search Internally. What's exactly the High Level Architecture Inside the Elastic Search, by which we power such complex queries with low latencies. What things ES is solving. Basically, Internal of ES

I don't think there's one single document that answers that for you, but we do have extensive documentation, and our Github repo is public.

Maybe blog articles can help: