Elastic search Java client ver 2.3.1: How to set size while using setTemplate in searchRequestbuilder

(Deepak Banka) #1

I want to search using a mustache template and set size attribute as 5.

    templateInstance = new Template(

My search request builder is

SearchRequestBuilder requestBuilder=client.prepareSearch()
                .setIndices((String) entitySearchParams.get(INDEX_NAME))

Print of templateInstance

[script: deterministicAndTemplate, type: id, lang: mustache, params: {param1=attributesInfo.en.xyz.ngram, value1=first second third}]

print of requestBuilder

  "from" : 0,
  "size" : 5,
  "_source" : {
    "includes" : [ ],
    "excludes" : [ ]

Even though the print of request builder doesn't show anything about the template but the search works fine. But size is not working. I am trying to set the size as 15 but I am always getting 10 results..

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