Elastic Search .Net client doesnt have Fuzziness?


Im having trouble with adding Fuzziness to my Match query, see the below code:

 var client = new ElasticsearchClient(new Uri("http://elasticsearch:9200"));

            var response = await client.SearchAsync<ExceptionLog>(s => s
               .Query(q => q
                    .Bool(b => b
                       .Must(m => m
                       .Match(ma => ma
                            .Fuzziness(Fuzziness.) //i want here AUTO fuzziness but it only has Equals and ReferenceEquals.
               .Sort(sort => sort
                   .Field("createDate", new FieldSort { Order = SortOrder.Desc })

Below is the normal query that works fine, but how to get it in my .net code:

        "match": {
            "message": {
                    "query": "",
                    "operator": "or",
                    "fuzziness": "AUTO",
                    "zero_terms_query": "all"

Im using Elasticsearch net 8.9.3 : GitHub - elastic/elasticsearch-net: This strongly-typed, client library enables working with Elasticsearch. It is the official client maintained and supported by Elastic.

I already tried without fuzziness (maybe its by default Auto) but that doesn't work.

Any help is really appreciated! Thanks!

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